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"She provides the complete duendissimo experience of cara/cuerpo/taconeo. You HAVE to catch her on that stage- a firecracker of a dancer."



"The flamenco dancer Nélida Tirado was not billed as the main attraction for "Entresueño" but her astounding solo provided the unexpected heart of the show . . . . Her luxurious curves sheathed in a high-necked, clingy red dress, Ms. Tirado attacked the floor, skidding forward as her heeled shoes seemingly dug into the stage. The angle at which her hips jutted out from her torso was as seductive as it was alarming. Responding to and riffing off the five musicians and singers behind her, she grimaced and undulated as if her body were a medium for some unearthly force."

-Claudia La Rocco, New York Times


"Nelida Tirado in her solo was at full throttle of passion as she often ended some phrases with an earthly crouch that thrilled. She came through with hellfire footwork that transported the audience to an ethnic time and place full of spanish romance."

-Bob Anthony,

"A spellingbinding Flamenco dancer"

-Lisa Jo Sagolla, Backstage

"Nelida Tirado possessed of a feisty modern sensibility that should not be overlooked" 

-Claudia La Rocco, New York Times 


"Robust and sensual, Nelida Tirado puts her head down and charges into action"

-Robert Johnson, Star Ledger


"Nelida Tirado who hails from New York City, was the standout in the Maria Pages ensemble."

-Joan Acocella, The New Yorker

"Tirado's mesmerizing movements made hearts pound and blood stir"

-Judith Hanna, Dancer Magazine


"Tirado's sexy, sultry, completely exuberant dancing was a show-stopping performance."

-Ruby Nancy, The Quad-City Times


"Before some of those Spanish flamenco dances done by Nelida Tirado, observers would see something a little too predictable. The typical lift-the-skirt-and-stomp-away stuff proved to be pleasing. But what really captivated you continually was her creative and fluid use of her hands. It was an art of choreography all her own as you couldn't take your eyes off this spellbinding delivery."

-Brad Meyerdierks, The Star Press


"Nelida Tirado lit the stage with her flamenco turn, the orchestra- heavy on percussion- kept us on the edge of our seats."

-Nick Clooney, The Cincinnati Post









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